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2023-24 Season Progress Report as of February 15, 2024

Prior Progress Reports
October 31, 2023
November 12, 2023
November 19, 2023
November 25, 2023
December 1, 2023
December 9, 2023
December 16, 2023
December 24, 2023
December 31, 2023
January 7, 2023
January 16, 2023
January 31, 2023

Past Season Summaries

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In November 2007 I expanded my analysis of El Nino/La Nina, now updated through 2022-23:
El Nino Defined and Ski Areas Favored by El Nino
Ski Areas Favored by La Nina
Ski Areas Indifferent to El Nino/La Nina
El Nino 2015-16: A Non-Event for North American Skiing?

Season summaries for every season since 1968-69 are available in my Detail Package.

Since 1996 I have accumulated an extensive list of links. Those I consider unusually informative are in italics. While I recheck most of them each fall, I welcome any feedback on broken links, obsolete sites, etc.
General Internet Ski Links
Skier-Submitted Eyewitness Reports
Current and Predicted Weather
Direct Links to Area and Region Ski Reports

The Westwide Avalanche Network was run by Knox Williams through 1995. The October 1995 Powder article and this website would not have been possible without Knox's cooperation in providing about half of my data. Westwide administration changed in the summer of 1995 and their data is unfortunately no longer timely nor publicly available. Knox Williams continued to operate the Colorado Avalanche Information Center through 2005 but CAIC has no resources to gather data outside Colorado.

For General Internet Ski Links, I recommend the following:

Skier-Submitted Eyewitness Reports

Epic and TGR were the most active general purpose ski forums for over a decade, with TGR being a younger and "edgier" crowd.

I encourage skiers to submit reports to these sites, as they become more informative as their databases grow. I would also be interested in being notified by e-mail of any other skier-submitted report sites, so I can include their links here. For some inspiration, check out the Powder Archive of Online Skier Submitted Reports.

Daily snowfall data from selected resorts has enabled me to model the frequency of days with 6+ inches new snow.
What is the Probability of a Powder Day? also analyzes the range of probable powder days over a one week vacation.

Snow Conditions

Online snow reports since 2000 have enabled me to construct Snow Conditions Charts. As of November 2008 the charts include an adjustment for powder incidence.

Weather Forecasts - U.S. and North America Maps

National Weather Service Regional and Local Radar

Weather Forecasts - Ski Area Predictions

Ski Area and Region Web Pages are primarily intended to be detailed marketing brochures, with online travel booking likely to be common in the near future. However, many do have daily snow and weather reports buried within their extensive sites. Below are some which I have browsed and consider useful. In the early season it is very desirable to see percentages of lifts and terrain available. The links below go directly to the html file with the ski report. I review these links each November, and I would like to be informed by e-mail about any good ski report web sites which I may have missed or lost.

There are numerous sites which provide within each country, state or province the usual data of base depths and new snow. I have most often used SnoCountry Reports. Similar info can be found at On The Snow. The latter site no longer contains historical calendars with daily new snowfall amounts on its resort pages.


Pacific Northwest

Canadian Rockies and Interior B. C.

U. S. Northern Rockies


Northern and Central Colorado

Southern and Western Colorado


European Ski Information

Japan Ski Information

  • SnowJapan Now! Reporting has daily reports and lots of background information about Japan's major ski resorts.

    For the off season, don't forget the Southern Hemisphere

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