2004-05 Ski Season Summary

The following major weather patterns affected the ski season.
Late October: Record storms hit the Sierra and Wasatch, with lesser amounts in the Southwest.
November through early December: Most of November was drier than normal, but a 2-3 foot storm hit Southwest, Utah and Colorado the week before Thanksgiving. There were modest snows throughout the West the first week of December.
Mid-December to Christmas: High pressure throughout the West. Christmas was above average at the high altitude areas of the Sierra, Utah and Southwest that had earlier snow, but terrain was limited at most northern areas with the exception of the Tetons and Sun Valley.
Christmas to early January: The season's biggest storms pounded the Sierra, Utah and Southwest, with substantial amounts also in Sun Valley, the Tetons and the rest of Colorado. Lesser amounts fell farther north, and of the other northern and Northwest areas only the Okanagan group was close to full operation by mid-January.
Mid-January to mid-February: The mid-January Tropical punch devastated the Northwest and low altitude Northern Rockies areas. Then an unseasonable drought kept many of these areas closed or limited over the next 2 months. Areas farther south had below average snowfall but were in full operation during this time.
Late February: The season's familiar pattern recurred with storms in the Sierra, Utah and the Southwest.
First half of March: Warm and dry. Deep spring conditions south, dirt conditions north with more areas closing prematurely.
Second half of March and early April: This was the only time of widespread storms this season, huge along the West Coast and in Utah, but still substantial elsewhere. The previously closed Northwest areas reopened for a few weeks.
Spring: The Sierra and Utah had accumulated huge bases for spring skiing and continued to receive snow through early May. Late May was very hot and a wet slide at A-Basin was the first in-bounds avalanche fatality in 30 years. Mammoth and Snowbird remained open until July.
For more detail on snow incidence by month and region, see 2004-05 Ski Season Analysis.

RECORD  HIGH  (10 Years Minimum)     RECORD  HIGH  (10 Years Minimum)    
 Arizona Snowbowl 2, Ariz.   10,800 459        
 Arizona Snowbowl 1, Ariz.   9,500 281        
 Brian Head, Utah   9,770  521        
HIGH     HIGH    
 Mammoth Mtn, Calif.   9,600 or 8,900 604    Telluride, Colo.   11,170 220 Dec.-Mar.
 Alta, Utah   8,650 698    Purgatory, Colo.   10,000  235 Dec.-Mar.
 Alpine Meadows, Calif.   7,000   514        
 Brighton, Utah   8,740  486        
 Snowbird, Utah   10,000   618        
 Kirkwood (Carson Pass), Calif.  8,526 722        
 Southern California Composite   7,000 - 8,000   225        
 Cannon Mt., N. H. 1,800 207        
 Red Mt. Pass, Colo.   11,090 364        
 Heavenly Valley, Calif.   10,000    540        
 Heavenly Valley, Calif.   8,400    414        
 Monarch, Colo.    353        
 Northstar, Calif.   7,800    415        
 Wolf Creek, Colo.   10,642 536        
 Central Sierra Snow Lab - Boreal, Cal. 7,200  475    Crested Butte, Colo.   10,150   217 Dec.-Mar.
 Taos, N. Mex.   11,200 295    Breckenridge, Colo.   11,100  225 Dec.-Mar.
 Gothic, Colo. 9,400   375    Aspen Highlands, Colo.   11,100  181 Dec.-Mar.
 Snowshoe, W. V. 4,848 172    Snowmass, Colo.  11,000 225 Dec.-Mar.
 Squaw Valley, Calif.   8,200 485        
 Sun Valley, Idaho   8,800  215        
 Mt. Washington, N. H.  6,262 267    Vail, Colo.   11,250    208 Dec.-Mar.
 Mt. Snow, Vt.   3,600 208    Bridger Bowl, Mont.   7,100     206 Dec.-Mar.
 Sugarloaf, Maine 3,695 166    Copper Mtn, Colo.   11,000   191 Dec.-Mar.
 Jackson Hole, Wyo.   8,250   315    Aspen Mtn, Colo.   11,190 152 Dec.-Mar.
 Lake Louise, Alb.  6,700 142    Steamboat, Colo.   9,200    199 Dec.-Mar.
 Sunshine Village, Alb.  7,028 189    Beaver Creek, Colo.   11,200 193 Dec.-Mar.
 Mary Jane at Winter Park, Colo.   10,800      299    Keystone, Colo.   11,641 143 Dec.-Mar.
 Alyeska, Alaska   1,400   457        
 Okemo, Vt.   3,300 218        
 Sugarbush, Vt.   3,000 158        
 Squaw Valley, Calif.   6,200      262        
LOW     LOW    
 Mt. Rainier Paradise, Wash.  5,420 363    Schweitzer, Idaho   111 Dec.-Mar.
 Stowe, Vt.  3,950 185    Whitewater, B. C.  5,500 203 Dec.-Mar.
 Mt. Fidelity (Selkirks), B. C.  6,150 378        
 Mt. Bachelor, Ore.   6,350  194        
 Grand Targhee, Wyo.   8,200 361        
 Loveland, Colo.   11,200   261        
 Jay Peak, Vt.  3,000 242        
 Big White, B. C.  6,200 225        
 Arapahoe Basin, Colo.   10,820 237        
 Fernie Snow Valley, B. C.  5,400    256        
 Stratton, Vt.   3,875 156        
 Mt. Baker, Wash. 439        
 Smuggler's Notch, Vt.  1,600 254        
 Big Mountain, Mont.   6,700     209        
 Tod Mt. (Sun Peaks), B. C.  6,100 154        
RECORD  LOW (10 Years Minimum)     RECORD  LOW (10 Years Minimum)    
 Whistler Base, B. C.   2,200   92        
 Whistler Roundhouse, B. C.   6,000       250        
 Mt. Hood Meadows, Ore.   5,400 190