After my snowfall analysis was published in October 1995 Powder Magazine, I have written numerous other articles for ski publications. I contributed to the Powder Resort Guides in the late 1990's and have provided them with snowfall information each season for use in season review articles.

Inside Tracks was a newsletter founded by Dick Needham, former editor of Ski Magazine, to provide candid advice on resorts and equipment with no support or influence from advertisers. My statistics were an ongoing resource for Inside Tracks from July 1997 until the newsletter folded in an unfortunate dispute over ownership of the subscriber list in April 2002.

During the 1997-98 ski season, I wrote the following articles which were published in Inside Tracks:

  • Best Bets for Early Season Snow, July / August 1997 Issue
  • Squaw Valley Resort Guide, October 1997 Issue
  • Vail Resort Guide, November 1997 Issue Updated May 2011
  • Snowbird Resort Guide, January 1, 1998 Issue Updated May 2006
  • Heavenly Valley Resort Guide, February 1, 1998 Issue, Updated May 2006
  • Best Bets for Late (and Post) Season Snow, March 15, 1998 Issue
  • Mt. Bachelor Resort Guide, March 15, 1998 Issue
  • Mammoth Mt. Resort Guide, April, 1998 Issue
  • Australia and New Zealand Skiing, May / June, 1998 Issue

    During the 1998-99 ski season, I wrote the following articles which were published in Inside Tracks:

  • Tips on Evaluating Early Season Ski Conditions, September 1998 Issue
  • Whistler / Blackcomb Resort Guide, November 1998 Issue, updated and expanded in 2005
  • TLH Heliskiing, November 1998 Issue
  • Alpine Meadows Resort Guide, February 15, 1999 Issue
  • Mt. Baldy Resort Guide, March 1, 1999 Issue
  • Internet Snow Reports, March 15, 1999 Issue covers the most useful sites on my Snow Reports page, with explanations of their utility.
  • Tips on Evaluating Late Season Ski Conditions, April, 1999 Issue
  • Kirkwood Resort Guide, April, 1999 Issue
  • Inside Tracks Tips for Powder Skiing, May / June, 1999 Issue

    During the 1999-2000 ski season, I wrote the following articles which were published in Inside Tracks:

  • Fernie Alpine Resort Guide, October, 1999 Issue
  • Castle Mt. Resort Guide, January 1, 2000 Issue
  • Letter Response to Article on European Ski Travel, January 15, 2000 Issue
  • Big White Resort Guide, March 1, 2000 Issue
  • Revelstoke Powder Skiing, March 1, 2000 Issue
  • Lake Louise Resort Guide, March 15, 2000 Issue
  • Mid-Season Recap and Late Season Prospects for 2000, April, 2000 Issue

    During the 2000-01 ski season, I wrote the following articles which were published in Inside Tracks:

  • Snow Basin Resort Guide, September, 2000 Issue
  • Early Season Recommendations Revisited, October, 2000 Issue
  • Jackson Hole Resort Guide, January 1, 2001 Issue
  • Letter Response to Article on Southern Hemisphere Ski Travel, January 1, 2001 Issue
  • Snow Summit Resort Guide, February 1, 2001 Issue
  • Letter Response to Article Analyzing Powder Skis, February 1, 2001 Issue
  • What Makes a Great Spring Ski Area, March 15, 2001 Issue

    During the 2001-02 ski season, I wrote or contributed to the following articles which were published in Inside Tracks:

  • Family Ski Vacations: When to Go, July/August, 2001 Issue
  • The Yellowstone Club, October, 2001 Issue
  • The Canyons Resort Guide, November, 2001 Issue
  • Big Sky Resort Guide, March 15, 2002 Issue
  • Snowcat Comments, March 15, 2002 Issue

    My statistics became the official snow data source for Skiing Magazine starting with the November 2002 issue.
    For that Travel issue I also wrote the article on Top 10 Areas for Powder.
    For the November 2003 Travel Issue I wrote the article 5 New Hot Spots for Powder.

    After Inside Tracks folded, I began to contribute to First Tracks Online Ski Magazine

  • CMH Kootenay Heliskiing, published August 2002
  • British Columbia Snowcat vs. Heliskiing, published August 2002
  • Crested Butte Resort Guide, published January 2003
  • Island Lake Lodge Snowcat Skiing, published December 2003
  • Extremely Whistler, Extremely Canadian, published August 2005
  • Las Lenas, Argentina Resort Guide and Extremely Canadian World Tour, published July 2006
  • Kia Ora New Zealand (collaboration), published December 2006
  • Big Sky and Moonlight Basin, Montana, published December 2006
  • Taos Resort Guide, published October 2007
  • Alyeska Resort and Chugach Powder Guides, published October 2007
  • A Guide to Chile's Northern Ski Resorts, published June 2008
  • Castle Mountain Revisited, and Other Alberta Skiing, published September 2008
  • La Grave, France with Extremely Canadian, published December 2008
  • Revelstoke Mountain Resort Guide, published October 2009

    First Tracks Online Ski Magazine articles published since 2010:

  • Bogus Basin and Brundage Resort Guides, published December 2010
  • Canterbury New Zealand Public and Club Resorts, published June 2011
  • Skiing Japan: Hakuba and Niseko, published October 2011
  • Snowcat Skiing with White Grizzly, published September 2012
  • Antarctic Cruise Belongs on Any Skier's Bucket List, published October 2012
  • Points North Offers Alaskan Heliskiing Value, published November 2012
  • A Resort Guide to the Arlberg, published November 2014
  • Zermatt, Switzerland: A Ski Resort Guide, published December 2014
  • Heli-Ski Iceland, published December 2016

    In the fall of 2007 I updated my extensive analysis of early season skiing for BestSkiWeather. That site no longer exists, but earlier versions of these articles were published on

  • Factors Affecting Early Season Snow Conditions
  • Top 18 Early Season Resorts
    My Season Progress Reports were posted regularly to BestSkiWeather for 5 years, and in 2007-08 I also wrote other features such as:
  • El Nino/La Nina Defined and Ski Areas Favored by El Nino
    and in 2011-12:
  • What Is the Probability of a Powder Day?

    I am now the source of snowfall and ski conditions ratings for the annual Top 10 Ski Resorts in North America feature written by Christopher Steiner. Steiner's website includes my rating of North America's ski resorts for snow reliability

    At the March 2009 North American Snowsports Journalist Association annual meeting I won the 2008 Harold Hirsch Award for Internet Writing, based upon 3 articles shown in bold above. I was runner-up and Honorable Mention for the 2013 Harold Hirsch Award for Blogs, based upon 3 articles shown in italics above.