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Planning a ski trip and want to increase your odds of good conditions?

What we've presented here will give you a pretty good start, but if you really want to stay on top of the snow, so to speak, you may be interested in my full report, which includes some more details, like:

  • Monthly snowfall for 105 locations. There is an average of 166 months of snow history for each site with as much as 45 years worth in some cases. As an example, check out the complete 276 month dataset for Mt. Rainier Paradise, Washington , the second highest snowfall location in my report.

  • A summary of each ski season since 1968-69 (see 2011-12 Ski Season Summary), detailing which areas had high and low snowfall in each season
    a chart rating each season overall.

  • An in-depth 22-page explanation and analysis of the statistics and their implications for skiers.

  • Tables listing the effects upon snowfall of El Nino/La Nina.

  • A color coded table and graphs by region of percent of normal snowfall since the 1970's.

    These data and analyses are available

    nowhere else

    and you can have them via e-mail for: ( a measly }
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    Files are formatted in Word for Windows 6.0 and Excel 5.0.

  • I will also provide a print copy for $35 due to the extrta cost of printing and mailing.

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