2023-24 California Detail

Updated November 25, 2023

Mammoth opened Broadway and Saddle Bowl on snowmaking. Most of November's 8.5 inches fell Nov. 18, allowing Face of 3, Gremlin's, St. Anton and the race courses to open Nov. 19. Mambo opened a route to chair 2 Nov. 23, but by Nov. 25 the Face of 3 and the race runs closed. Stump Alley and Cornice opened by Dec. 1, total 13% open.

Southern California had all rain November 15 and 18. The Big Bear areas opened Nov. 26 and Mt. High West Nov. 30. Any progress in the near term will be due to night time snowmaking

I consider the local areas worth visiting according to the following criteria (2023-24 summary):

Snow Summit: The Wall, Log Chute, Chair 10 and lower Westridge open. Summit Run, Miracle Mile and the beginner area opened in late November

Bear Mt: Silver Mt. and/or Bear Peak open. Upper Park Run and a few lower variations opened in late November.

Snow Valley: Slide Peak open.

Mountain High: East as well as West open. Chislhom, Borderlien/Wyat anda beg9nner run opened Nov. 30.

Mt. Baldy and Mt. Waterman: A natural snow base of at least 4 feet.

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