2010-11 Ski Season Progress Report as of November 13, 2010

October snowfall was above average, with a widespread storm through the Northwest and much of the Rockies during its last week. The base from this storm at some areas will contribute to a good early season with even average November snow and a handful of areas advanced their opening dates. It's still very early, and only in Utah and to a lesser extent in parts of Colorado has there been enough snow already to enhance the odds of a good holiday season.

California: October's snow was just a few inches, not material to the season. Last week there was a moderate storm which dropped 7-17 inches at Squaw, 5-13 at Northstar and about 18 at Mammoth, which is now 10% open with some snowmaking assistance. See Current California Ski Conditions for more details on Southern California and Mammoth.

Pacific Northwest: There has been snow in the Whistler alpine, and it has confirmed its scheduled Nov. 19 opening. 45 inches so far at Mt. Bachelor, but it will not open until Nov. 24.

Canadian Rockies and Interior B.C.: 26 inches snow at Whitewater, 26 at Revelstoke, 28 at Kicking Horse and 23 at Fernie, mostly in October. Lake Louise is 3% open on snowmaking since Nov. 5.

U. S. Northern Rockies: 46 inches at Whitefish and 39 at Jackson Hole in October. Not much since except Targhee got 15 inches last week.

Utah: 48 inches at Alta, 39 at Snowbird, 30-33 at Brighton/Solitude in October. All of these areas got another 18 last week, so Brighton opened 42% Nov. 11, Solitude 7% Nov. 12 and Snowbird estimated 20% on Nov. 13. I would expect Alta at least half open starting Nov. 19. These Cottonwood resorts are now strong favorites to be in full operation within a month, but it's still too early for predictions at other Utah areas.

Northern and Central Colorado: Loveland and A-Basin opened their first snowmaking runs about a week later than usual but were helped by the late October storm. Loveland is 14% open, Breckenridge 12%, Copper 9%, A-Basin 7%, Keystone 3%. Season snow totals (about 2/3 in October): Breckenridge 29, Copper 45, Steamboat 37, Vail 33, Loveland 52. This region is running about a week ahead of schedule so far in both snowfall and open terrain.

Southern and Western Colorado: The Gothic Snow Lab between Crested Butte and Aspen (snowier climate than either) had 42 inches in October but only 8 so far in November. Wolf Creek has had 35 inches of snow and is over half open but likely thin on a 19-26 inch base.

Northeast: There was natural snow in mid-October, 25 inches at Stowe and 16 at Killington. Sunday River opened on snowmaking Oct. 22 (still just 1%) and Killington opened Nov. 2 (now 6% open).

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