Peru: Cusco and Sacred Valley, Aug. 29-30, 2007

Postby Tony Crocker Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:43 pm

While we're documenting end of summer adventures ...

Both of my sons Adam and Andrew were with me in Peru, along with Adam's girlfriend Aislinn.

On Aug. 31 we rafted the Class IV Urubamba River about 2 hours west of Cusco at about 10,500 feet. It was about 1500cfs, which is probably a very low flow at the end of dry season. No waterproof camera, so no pics of that.

Andrew in Inca imperial archway in Cusco. Spaniards built a church and convent (background) on the Inca foundation.
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This corner of the Cusco Qoricancha palace was a sun temple.
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Spaniards quarried temple on top, but 3 tier foundation of Sacsayhuaman fortress is mostly intact.
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Adam and Aislinn at 12,000 ft Inca spring built for water ceremony and Cusco aqueduct source.
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The Sacred Valley was the prime Inca agricultural area. Valley floor at 9,500 ft is lush in summer rainy season.
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The Sacred Valley bus tour stopped for a nice buffet lunch at this hacienda.
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Ollantaytambo was primarily an agricultural terrace complex, but a temple was under construction at the top.
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Late afternoon view driving back to Cusco. Peaks are about 18,000.
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